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  1. Yes! Not sure what gears are in it but might look into that. Thanks for the tip!
  2. She sure is slow LOL But so much fun to drive. getting used to manual steering, I kinda like it lol. Got into my TJ today and even with 35s felt hilariously light
  3. Thanks! Yea I prefer the factory red as well.
  4. Thank you! Ik Finally! Here is the story on the truck
  5. Ok so finally took some pictures of the truck. DSCF1141 by Kyle SVT, on Flickr DSCF1127 by Kyle SVT, on Flickr DSCF1129 by Kyle SVT, on Flickr DSCF1123 by Kyle SVT, on Flickr DSCF1134 by Kyle SVT, on Flickr DSCF1117 by Kyle SVT, on Flickr
  6. Hey Guys! The search is finally over! Found a Comanche. I'll be posting more about it later but here is the first video I made. Can't wait to make more videos on the truck and hopefully bring some more people to the Comanche world and to this wonderful forum.
  7. Thank you! Yes I really dig the classic 80s look. I will make plenty of videos with it :)
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