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  1. Thank you! Yes I really dig the classic 80s look. I will make plenty of videos with it :)
  2. Thanks for the advise! Also the one you linked is exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you!
  3. Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to read this. So I have been looking for a nice clean stock Comanche for a little while now to do a build series on my YouTube channel and to enjoy and share the daily load with my TJ, and came across a guy selling a XJ on craigslist and it said in the description that he has a Comanche so I asked if he would be interested in selling it. He said sure and sent me a few pics. About the truck: 91 SWB, 4.0L, AX15, 4x4, looks like 167,xxx miles, 4inch lift (would want to return to stock), He said it will come with small wheels and tires. He said the truck has zero rust on it. New engine gaskets Original tail gate he has. Replacing the head to a 97+ head right now and 97+ brake booster. Parts that are missing: stock tail lights , stock bumpers, original grill , Headliner missing He started the 97 front end conversion I prefer the original. He said he would want $6,500-$7,000k for the truck So the truck ticks all the boxes drive train wise, expect for all of the aftermarket stuff on the truck (prefer the stock classic look) So my main question is how impossible/expensive is it going to be to find all the stock parts I want to put on the truck and what do you guys think of the price. I was hoping to spend around 4-5K Thanks for the help guys! Kyle
  4. Yea not sure I'm down for that far lol. Thank you! Hope to find a nice one as well.
  5. Well I ended up buying a TJ wrangler 2 years ago and now am looking for a Comanche again :) Let me know guys!
  6. That's a really good sketch! Woulda had more horsepower if it was done on a Surface Pro... [emoji13] Sent from my HTC6525LVW using Tapatalk haha I agree 100%
  7. Hey guys, Had my sister do a sketch of a Comanche on her ipad pro and I think it turned out awesome. So I thought I would share IMG_4383 by Kyle SVT, on Flickr She also makes things some of your wives would like here https://www.milknhoneypaperco.com/ Post your sketchs if you have them in here too!
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