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  1. Okay i appreciate the response. I'm thinking of heading up there soon!
  2. Okay awesome, did you go on a weekend or in the week? I'm trying to go when its not incredibly crowded.
  3. I heard the 2015 Durangos have a recall. Something to do with the front break caliper cracking. If your seriously considering a Durango, make sure to look into the recall! Know this post is a bit late but figured I should let you know
  4. Took the Comanche out for a drive, heard a new knocking coming from the front right. Decided to pull over to check it out. On the left turn, the front right tire popped off and rolled away :(. Had to get her towed away
  5. My Comanche has 33 in. Goodyear Duratracs and a 4.5 in Rough Country lift, things get dicey at 70. The speedometer isn't calibrated so it pegs at 85 when i'm going roughly 70. Wouldn't dare take it much faster then 70, steering gets loose, the rpms are up near 3000, the rear is so light that it gets squirrelly.
  6. I have a hi-lift jack that has never failed me. I keep it on an exterior roll bar in the bed. Only problem is that, even thought the jack is less than a year old, the paint has started to flake and the metal is rusting. I keep it oiled and it still works like a charm. Also, the jack itself is a good value put the pipe mounts and handle holder ( a little rubber piece) were both pricey.
  7. I was wondering if anybody has been to Stony Lonesome HOV park in Alabama. The park is somewhere around Cullman. Anybody on here been to the park? Is it worth the drive? I'm looking for some easy to intermediate trails.
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