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  1. Will it run ok,or do you have to do anything else to it ? Thanks.
  2. Hi,EGR valve bad on 2.5 ,can you just block it off and that fix it or what do you have to do short of replacing it.It is backfiring bad and acceleration is terrible and missing ,sometimes running good .
  3. Can someone tell me the correct size clutch to order for 86 model with 4 cyl 150 c.i. with 4 speed trans 4 wheel drive 207 transfer case.?Thanks
  4. No,the only ones that are shiny are the ones that are connected to the battery. Starter is old. I;ll try clening up cables ,but i'm thinking it may be the starter . I have had truck for a year and a half and I know it sat up for 3 years before that.
  5. Hey Guys, I have a new battery ,when you first turn on the ignition to turn over engine it is real slow almost like a dead battery but then kicks in and spins really fast like it suppose too. any ideas as to what my problem may be ? thanks :???:
  6. Hi,I tried to find this elsewhere but no luck ,I need to know the size and type of screws or bolt for the fan shroud on 2.5 86 model Thanks !!
  7. Anybody know the size of the bolts that hold the fan shroud on the radiator of a 2.5 ? it's an 86 model.
  8. Where can you buy new head bolts for Amc 2.5ltr.150 ci. 86 model ? Thanks
  9. okay thanks a lot, not much room down there.
  10. What size socket is used on the oxygen sensor on a 2.5 4cyl.? Thanks!!
  11. Ataki, Sorry about that,I see after further research that the ax-4 is a manual trans like mine. I'll be glad to take it off your hands ,let me know how much for shipping ? Thanks.!!
  12. Thanks, Ataki,but I need one for a manual trans. they are programmed different .
  13. sorry I have to have one for a MT. thanks though.
  14. I was told at the parts house that if you have an automatic you have to get one for automatic,if you have a manual you have to have one for a Manuel trans.
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