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  1. I'm looking for a '87 passenger side window. Can someone help point me in the right direction? My old man went on a crabbing trip last summer. dummy locked both sets of keys in old glory and in the process of trying to jimmy the door the window shattered. Since then we have had a piece a plexyglass taped up.
  2. Would any of you fine gents know where to get a new windsheild and passenger side window for an '87 Comanche?
  3. I need a new break light wire tab. Keep having the same issue ofbthe wire coming off the tab and them both falling off. Need help ASAP. I don't check this often so best way is a quick text. 609-470-0483. Thanks.
  4. Rob1989

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    Rob here. NJ just outside of Philly.
  5. So today on my way to work I blew a house. Called AAA got towed home. As the guy is taking it off the bed we both noticed break fluid dripping from the rear axle. The hard break line going into the little square piece on the axle is were the link is coming from. Any idea were I could get a decent new line from or any other way to fix the issue?
  6. Cool guys. thanks for the tips. Ill look into it all.
  7. Hello gents, A few days ago my headlight started flickering when i was driving into work. It has been getting worse over the past few days. Any idea what might be causing this issue? Its kinda of a big one.
  8. How does one go about checking it and fixing/replacing if need be?
  9. haha nah. There is no way I'm driving a 30 year old truck like that. It just recently starting doing this. We've had it for right around 3 years now and it has never done it before.
  10. I don't really know, I think it was around 1/2 a tank. I was not really paying attention to the fuel gauge.
  11. Hey guys first time poster. Just signed up. I do believe my pops is on here as well. But anyways. The other night when i was making a right hand turn coming off the highway my comanche decided it would completely shut off. About half way through the turn it come right back on. Any idea why this might be happening? This is not the only time it has done thing. It has also jerked really good a few times while in the middle of a turn. It seems to only do any of this when I am making a right hand turn. Any help would be great. Thanks guy Rob E.
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