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  1. Yeah I used a 4 wheeled furniture dolly and 4x4s to cribbage the transmission, and a jack under the engine to set the same angle and it wheeled right on up into place.
  2. I did the same thing but only used the 3/8 and made them about 4" so I could just leave them in when I was done. It slid straight in. Great tip
  3. thats a good place for em.
  4. I need to get over there to see this truck! i talked to you on facebook a while back. Good looking progress! was the jeep trailer a white or beige color?
  5. Yes it is 220v and it does both stick and mig. I love it. easily the best purchase i have made, theres a few reviews of them on youtube that I think are pretty accurate and fair its the Power Imig 205, Everlast just started selling them this year. its pretty sturdy and holds a ten pound spool wire feed is excellent, and the Stick welding feature is pretty awesome. Its got all digital controls and is super easy to work with. and for the price you just can't complain a whole lot.
  6. it was up here in fairbanks last summer. a guy had two of them one of them was mated to a transmission.
  7. :agree: but i do not think anyone has recommended undercoating.
  8. It makes cleaning the floor alot easier... i removed all the dran plugs and lined them seperately so water doesnt collect in the floor anymore and if it does i can just pull the plug. But it doesnt really help with sound deadening.. if i threw down some carpet on top of it, maybe it would help a little bit... I just havent done that yet. But as far as aesthetics.. it helps a lot.
  9. I did not Line-X My floor but I monstalined it.. Same Idea I think, only difference is i did not have to add "rubber Granules"? I was able to get about five coats to one gallon, which resulted in a fairly thick rubber floor. I did not end up doing the last roll to add texture I didnt really want my floor textured, you may have a different opinion. I will say that if you are doing it to reduce road noise, then don't. it would probably help only if you intended to reinstall the carpet and insulation. but by itself does not do anything to really deaden road noise. But it does look ALOT nicer than what i previously was working with. This is the end result. (There is a more detailed write up in my build thread, but I also removed all of the plugs and the 4wd shift linkage as well as the transmission tunnel cover for the shifter) I knew I was installing the novak shift cable so i did not want to have to cut away my beautiful new lined floor to get access to any of those bolts. plus I needed to clean up all bracket that had rust on them anyways. a few extra minutes here will make it look alot nicer later on.) Before. I also applied POR 15 to the bare metal, mostly as a rust inhibitor/killer my floor was a mess and I had cut and welded new sections in so i had previously prepped the floor for that. This is from just before adding the monstaliner. I used an etching primer on the floor of the truck where it was bare metal. and like everyone else said prep, then reprep... prior to adding any kind of metal primer or etching primer make sure the floor is clean. Alcohol and a shop vac are your best friend. Also make sure if youre using a primer and a metal prep that they are compatible... the metal prep that comes with por-15 is incompatible to the etching primer i used on top of the por 15... so if youre going to add both to "get er dun" make sure you check the labels. Edited: Spelling and Grammar
  10. there was two of those diesel engines for sale up here in Fairbanks last winter, I'm not sure if they sold, or if the guy got tired of trying, one of them i think had a transmission mated to it.
  11. Ok So its been a while I've made some pretty good forward progress I believe I picked up a couple more tools ive been waiting on, and ive been correcting a few minor issues here and there! From my previous post here's a picture of the new to me bumper! it came complete with new mounting brackets both end caps and even had the vaccum canister installed. When i plugged that little guy in everything that wasn't working suddenly began working! My Emissions Maint light went out and the engine started behaving! Somebody had asked about the plenum from the center console install the one on the left is out of a cherokee with a full console (same one my console came from) the one on the right is the stock MJ console. If you replace this component when you install the cherokee full center console you will not have to cut any part of it for it to fit correctly it will also blow air behind the seats, which is nice in a place like Alaska. here's another view of the installation of the plenum and the airduct that runs under the console. I got a new muffler and cat, as stated before I'm not a professional welder, I've only recently begun to learn but it turned out pretty well. not the prettiest welds but theyll do for this application. Installed. And off topic: took a little bit of time to clean up the Garage and built a handy little welding cart, Still have a couple more features to add to it, but it does a pretty good job, it was also an excuse to get some stick time in on the welder to learn a thing or two.
  12. So i did get a new bumper and vaccum canister, and the funny thing happened when I plugged in the new vaccum canister all my emissions lights went you!? i thought that was just a clock spring that tripped at a certain number of miles??? new parking brake cable is in, i can't tell if the rear brakes are actuating with the front brakes. i did put the new e brake cable in and that works wonders now. but the actual hydraulic brakes i can't tell if theyre even working.
  13. :agree: Also they say youre not allowed to talk to other recruiters... thats not actually fact... you just have to withdraw from your current recruiter before you can sign with another one. Also... contacting your congressman is an excellent option. . Thank you, that's what I was told. Once your with a recruiter your locked in is what they say but I know that's not true. I will look into switching, only problem is the only recruiter near me other than this one is in the state of Illinois, will that matter if I'm in Missouri? nah, you will likely go to the same processing station. Honestly just telling them you want to leave their program is going to get them moving. if you have talked to another recruiter in Missouri it might help if he knows your situation before hand just in case your recruiters try to pull $#!& like medically disqualifying you instead of dropping you from the roles. Have you asked the recruiters why your ship date keeps getting changed? if theyre pulling a stunt by keeping you around to swear in at a later date because they have less solid candidates they wnat to ship out before they lose them they may view you as a pending loss and move you up on the priority.
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