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  1. Middle TN MJ from Utah 2/92 4.0 Auto 4x4 short bed 108k miles d30 / d44 red exterior gray inside with bench AC
  2. Found a 92 Mj shortbed 4.0 auto in NV with 102k miles other than faded i havent found rust yet, alot of dust but no rust
  3. After several years i finally got another mj. from utah all its life so no rust found just lots of dust. 1992 auto colum shift 4x4 short bed. Exactly what i was looking for other than wanted white. has 102k miles and clean cardax. had it shipped to me in TN. other than missing paint (very faded on roof), clear coat peeling, and a few workable dents the body is solid. now to fix the oil leaks and rough idle now its in TN
  4. Keeping (not for sale)
  5. looking for a auto mj close to middle tn. really want a 91/92 but would entertain others. Going to be a father daughter build as she said she don't want my XJ. chad shfd2943@gmail.com
  6. Out of No Where the MJ SOLD today. With a water leak in my house and a rad leak on my XJ the timimg is good to have some spare cash to get these issues addressed. MJ's new home is in Chattanooga
  7. Gonna try to make one if its soon. Drove the MJ today 12 miles and she rides better than my XJ!
  8. looking good can't wait to see it with the supercharger! Friend has a 4.0L TJ with a supercharger and wow. Makes me want to get a 4.0 and run it in my 66 AMC wagon (factory 232 straight 6) and bolt on a super charger. Too much wiring for me to figure out but it would keep the wagon a straight 6.
  9. I drove it to gas station today (6miles there), put $40 in fuel and drove back home. She rides good, heat will run you out on the low setting, will need shock eye bushings as they are worn out so you hear it when you hit bumps and the FM channels don't come in but CD works so assuming the antenna is not connected. 1st time I drove it since I bought it and it rides better than my XJ!
  10. Sorry, I was getting all kinds of garbage thru CL I deleted the ad. Its still for sale if you want to come see it. Have one guy up in IL and one local that have been asking but no one has pulled the trigger. My doors to my shop cost $3600 so selling the MJ and a few other things to get the doors done. Let me know if interested. Email below..... Put MJ club in the title so I know its you. Pm'ed you my email and number
  11. Great thread and links! I have a XJ and bought a MJ (2.5L 5 speed 4.10 axles) a few months ago. I'm thinking about using my XJ C8.25 rear axle (4.10) and using it in the rear of the MJ so I will have a SPOA lift already since my XJ is getting a 8.8 rear axle. I can also use my new shocks off my XJ (Good for 4.5-6.5" lift) since I plan to upgrade them. I will have to see if the C8.25 axle uses the same E-brake set up and if so order the longer cable. Using the C8.25 axle do you see any other item that I may be over looking? I'm not sure what the importance is but on my D35 rear axle there is a ball looking thing bolted to my diff and another bracket near it but not connected. Then lift the front with coil springs, track bar, and longer UCA/LCA's and that should get me close to being done. Until I can get LCA brackets, a solid axle and delete the vac on the front D30.
  12. Looks like a good turn out. I have done nothing with mine other than title it in my name as my XJ is taking all my spare time. If I keep the MJ I hope to get to a meet soon. They are so similiar to the xj but still so different. Chad - Spring hill
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