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  1. They don't run them cuz there passenger side drop front axle and our MJs are driver side drop front And I think it could be possible but u have to get a t case set up for passenger side drop and that that is more work than finding a ford front axle or a Waggoner Dana 44 I heard there 2 inches wider than our stock axles
  2. Idk i guess i might be wrong about the f150 springs cuz i was thinkin about the xj cuz my buddys got an all out wheeler and runs f150 i think out of a 2wd or somthin and serton years but then i rememberd the mj is a little diffrent in the rear what are good springs to run cuz i have SOA and i HOPE theres an add a leaf in my pack so it will lower it a bit antidisestablishmentarianism if i take a spring out of the pack will that drop it a little?? and i have a 4 inch lift kit with an 8 inch lift... He put 4inch spacings up front and rear looks like he just did a SOA but would that lift it 8 inches??
  3. K so i just picked up an MJ and i plan on doin a long arm kit and i heard to run f150 springs in the rear i just wanna now what would be the best long arms to do like a 3/4 link or radiose arms and this is my daily driver but i don't care about ride quality just as long as i don't get death wobble on high way and I'm lookin for a 4+ inch lift and what other springs do people run in the rear and i have an uncle that can help me fab a long arm kit if you can make a home made better but I'm lookin for somthin that will drive me to the rubicon...wheel and drive back
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