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Found 4 results

  1. Ok so I bought this truck because I needed alot of locking space for my tools when I was working as a carpenter. Now its the daily driver I despise. I figured one person in a thousand might see this truck and want the whole story. I have parts of it, no proof it's true it is all anecdotal evidence from the annals of the internet. It all started with the Hilux we all know and love. Now in the mid 80s the rest of the world had real deal crew cab Hilux trucks, the US did not. The two stories I heard were as follows: 1: Due to the luxury car tax of the time importing a four
  2. Parents have an 00 tundra (4.7 v8) with 330k extremely hard/neglected miles on it. Called me today trying to figure out a noise coming from the engine bay. Turned out to be the idler pulley. . . . . . . . . . . did I mention its the factory original idler pulley? After 330k miles it's the first thing to finally give out in the serpentine system. Dare I say I think the friggin belt is original too. I love my jeeps, but d**n if toyotas aren't well made.
  3. Finally got myself a new work truck, pretty unbelievable deal to boot. BIG thanks to mom and dad who helped me get the loan. Finally going to build some credit. 2002 Toyota tundra SR5, TRD, 4X4, V8 196k on the clock, Single owner. The best part? It's an Arizona truck. ZERO rust. Only been here in Florida for a year or two. All this for 4k. Paint is peeling on roof and hood, it needs timing belt done and a few other minor repairs, but all in all it was a smokin deal compared to everything else. PICTURE
  4. Anyone ever put toyota axles under their mj? Heard they're totally bulletproof, so just curious why, seemingly, no one has ever changed over to them. Think they're actually stronger than the mj's D30?
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