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  1. Man ive been a way for a while and ive missed all this! I know most of you guys know i didnt have a comanche yet and so while i was away i had my buddy jump on this sweet deal so i got a 2000 cherokee it was listed at $2000 and i wanted it. A 2 door that looked great with only some small surface rust and unfortunately no rockers... But it won my heart so i sent my buddy to get it and see if he could haggle on it and low and behold my buddy haggled him down to $850 i was shocked and awed. But then while i was still away i get a call from him saying he didnt have a ride home from the bar so he decided to drive the jeep home... I think most of you know where i am going with this. He hit a tree... I was devastated and not having the jeep insured or registered i was thankful it wasnt with another car. When i got back i saw the horrible look she gave me and my buddy told me he didnt go to the hospital or anything and that his buddy was driving and seeing my buddy's face imprint on the windshield i asked if he was ok and i then had to reopen his cuts and remove the remaining glass out of his head... Anyways ive been working on it got it running again so now all thats left is cosmetic stuff. I know the anticlimactic part is there a no pictures not yet at least i left my phone in my friend's car so sometime this next week ill have pictures posted so until then give me more stuff to drool over!! -comanchehungry
  2. I want to add that i love cherokee's as well so everyone feel free to add pics of those too! The more spank bank matreial the better!!
  3. Right now i have $300 saved ive had 2 paychecks so far after being unemployed for 6 months and i threw $150 from each paycheck away. I have a buddy who will cover the brake parts that i need as long as i pay him back and pay him to install them for me. (I'm still learning mechanics) ive been stuck being the grunt boy for 4 years now and i will be studying at uti doing auto diesel and industrial so i hope to learn more from there. But yeah i got another paycheck coming in another week and a half so i figured then id see if he would take my offer. I mean i already have a truck thats my dd but this is like my wet dream to have an mj so.. Yeah I'm pretty sure everyone else here is on the same boat.
  4. Well the reason why it isnt selling is becaue most people here in illinois don't want a truck and when they do its only during the winter and they don't wanna do any work to it at all. For 2 winters now ive seen the same red dodge ram 1500 bought by someone right before winter sold to someone else right after winter and then bought up again right before the next winter and i just saw it sold a week and a half ago
  5. Yeah the same one you mentioned earlier because i keep seeing that one and the price dropped lol once i get another paycheck ill give him a call
  6. Or you can just go on craigslist > illinos > rockford > then its the 1988 jeep comanche on their twice first for $800 now for $600
  7. 1988 Jeep Comanche--running 2.5, 4 speed, 2wd, short bed. Nice project truck, getting very hard to find these. solid cab floors, truck has some rust but not bad--have seen much worse. At this point I know it needs a rear brake line and exhaust. If I finish the work to make it street legal I will be asking much more for it. Please call with questions or offers. 8one5-87one-746two NO TEXTING---You will not get a response. I am making this a cash offer for this weekend. $600.00 This is a great price for a collectable truck. P.s. how do i add the pics?
  8. So I'm hoping to have an mj by the time summer starts and also to have all the mechanical work done on it to get it to a good running stock truck. But i want to meet some of the other mjers on here and see what everyone has in person so if your near illinois or plan on coming over the summer why not set something up? Maybe as the time gets closer we can all agree on a date in maybe mid june? Some feed back would be awsome from whoever is interested!
  9. Mine is ment to show off your mj and any really good looking ones aka my mj spank bank so i don't have to reread everyone's build thread for 6th time now just to see pics..
  10. Man your trucks are awsome! On your build for the other truck (the one you "killed" twice and ressurected it) i read every post. It was like a novel i couldnt stop reading i loved it and i love that truck! I can't wait to see what you do with this one and once i get my truck and do some nice stuff to it i gotta come out there and see how it compares to yours!
  11. Oh man these all look amazing! I'm working on getting a drawing done of my dream truck with ideas that i love from all of your guys' trucks! Hope its alright but once the drawing(s) are done they will be posted for everyone to see and judge however they so choose! I can tell you guys tho i will not be herculining my entire jeep nor will i paint it if the paint job is original and perfect!
  12. Oh man i love coming back from work to see all these photos waiting for me! And feel free to use my mj spank bank term i havent copyrighted it yet. Man i would give my left nut to anyone who would just take me rock crawling with them in their mj... Might be some stains in it after we are done but thats besides the point. ;)
  13. Ahh jimoshel yes your the one with the 8 comanches! I have only enough plans for 2 maybe 3 lol. What could you possibly do with 8 of them?
  14. Minuit yes this all goes into my mj spank bank and i cannot fall asleep without reading 2-3 build threads.
  15. Most of these are new to me andball i have to say is wow.. To each one of them from the clean sharp brand new looking ones to the rugged dirtness that can otherwise be described as manly to the fear shocking beefyness of these. They all look great and i can't wait to see more and one day my own!
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