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rear brake shoe removal

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Ive started doing my rear parking brake cables. i pulled the drum and found where the cable connects but have no clue from there on, i think i need to remove the rear brake shoe. But i don't know how. any info would be of great help, if anyone has pics (with descriptions) or a how to it would be of help as well.


As always, thanks in advance

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yeah, i used search, but that doesnt answer my question, i know how its hooked up, i just don't know how to remove it. do i need to remove the shoe? how do i disconnect the cable from the assembly? and if i do need to remove the shoe, how do i do it?

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1) Raise and support vehicle. Remove wheels and brake drum.

Remove "U" clip and washer from parking brake lever pivot pin. Place

Wheel Cylinder Clamp (J-8002) over wheel cylinder.

2) Remove primary and secondary shoe return springs, holddown

spring and retainers and pins. See Fig. 7 or 8. Remove selfadjuster

lever, adjuster and adjuster spring from brake shoes.

3) Remove brake shoes. Disconnect parking brake cable from

parking brake lever, and remove lever.



get a FSM here...


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