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Motion Offroad Question

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Does anyone know off hand if Motion Offroad can ship MJ lifts to "Alberta Canada" with minimal boarder issues?


Is there a Canadian Distributer i can contact?


I do a lot of fishing/camping/skiing and the MJ is exccellent at getting me to location, however i do bottom out on the Crown Land roads (my rear Bumber now has a bit of Character lol). I love this truck, and the motion offroad 3" kit is exactly what i need (being a daily driver as well). I just can't seem to find any 4x4 places to order it for me.


As a last resort i would be doing an RE super Flex 3.5" kit. I would get a metal shop in Calgary to fab up some custom rear springs for me. But heck i would prefer to just get the Motion off Road kit. I could at least bolt that bad boy on in a weekend.



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