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Fantastic Customer Service!! Motion Off Road.


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Wow, ordered a front swaybar on Tuesday, and the swaybar was delivered on Thursday. can't beat that service.

We can't take all the credit; DHL's pretty quick at getting the stuff where it needs to be. Shows it was delivered at 9:04 AM... nothing like waking up to a knock on the door with the delivery guy bring you Jeep parts. :D


Let us know if we can be of any help in the future.


Thanks again! :cheers:

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I just checked my emails this morning, and it said my part was shipped... and it showed up today :eek:



BTW thanks again on the parts

Guess we over estimated on the shipping times; nothing like having parts show up faster than expected. Told them you where in a hurry to get your rig put together for a trail run and you needed the parts ASAP. Guess they actually listened for once.. :brows:

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