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New guy from hawaii

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hey guys and Aloha!...I had my truck for awhile now (since dec)but only had time now to actually post something on this board. But i have an 88 comanche with the RoughCountry 6.5 lift SOA kit. I'm kind of new to this whole Lifted scene but I'm getting some mean "death wobbles".. As of now I'm running 30x11.50-15LT swampers TSL/Sx that i got used but i just bought a new set of tires and waiting for them to arrive. i got Super Swamper LTBs in 31x11.50 coming in so i can't wait to get them installed! hopefully this will help fix the wobble problem along with getting it realigned and everything checked out. I'll try to get pics posted for that as well. here's the only pic i have as of now.




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