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dealer parts: anyone have them cheaper?

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I've been trying to find the factory rubber coil spring isolators and have only came up with generic replacements. Mine are rotted hardcore. Also I would like to find the dust shields for the front. I called the local Jeep dealer and he quoted me this:

Isolators: PN 52000229 ~$19 each

Dust shields: PN 52005477 (pass. side) and 52005476 (driver's) ~$29 each :eek:


I crossed the PNs at work (NAPA) and came up dry, did the same at O'Reilly, no go. I would like to find these cheaper if at all possible... any suggestions?

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52000229 = $9.50 each

52005477 - 52005476 = $9.00 each


These prices are plus shipping of course. I work in the parts dept at Courtesy Chrysler-Jeep in Casselberry, FL.. :cheers:


I prefer the use of PayPal, but you can send a money order by mail if you wish. PM me with you details (shipping address, PayPal email address) if you wish to procede. :cheers:



P.S. I will be gone for 3 days starting Friday to Jeep Beach in Daytona so if I do not respond to anything right away in that time period...fear not...I'll be back. I will respond if I have wifi available at the hotel ;) .

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