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Removing Comanche Cab

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Hi everybody. I have been a regular visitor to this awesome site over the past 10 months but have not posted - until now!


I have a question about removing the unibody cab section of the Comanche and if it's a matter of unbolting the unit from the sub frame or if you are required to actually cut along the bottom of the cab to release it. I have seen a few photos on Comanceclub that show the cab off the truck but as I am not as technically skilled as many here I can't make out how it's done.


By the way this cab will be coming off an unfortunate 89' Pioneer 2x4 that had a small BBQ under the hood. As a result I am planning on making the bed into a utility trailer to tow behind my 92' Base Comanche 4x4.


The 92' will be modestly upgraded to a 3" lift with 31" BFG Mud Terrains, extra lighting, bucket seats and paint - all of which I will post as photos when I begin this week.


Thanks everyone for your time and there sure are a lot of inspirational Comanches on this site!



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Its all one piece, the rear subframe and the cab.


You can take the bed off of the rear subframe by unbolting it with the 8 bolts on the bottom of the box.


To get the cab off, I would use a sawzall. The subframe is thinner than you would think it is and a sawzall can handle the job easily.


Also, if the rocker panels or cab corners of the cab are in good shape, it might be your best interest to save them. Lots of people on here need them from time to time and you could probably get some money from them farther down the road. Other people with Cherokees like to hack up the back of a comanche cab and make a "cheromanche" out of their rig with the sheet metal from the comanche. If you know anyone who owns a cherokee, see if they would be interested in this section of the cab before you trash it - its another potential money maker... Good luck + Have Fun!



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Yes.......The cap is part of the 'uni-body' The frame of the MJ starts behind the cab.


But I follow what you want to do, remove the cab, "bend" the forward section to make a "hitch" for the trailer.


After cutting up a couple of 'rotted' out MJ's, there really is not much strength there, and that portion of the uni-body frame is more like a 'U' channel, about 3-4 pieces of sheet metal bent up.


If Tracker jumps in, he can explain how he made the Tongue for his trailer.

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