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Rear window gasket removal

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I need to remove the gasket (rubber trim) around my rear window in preparation for paint. It's the original window, will the gasket just pop right out or is it held in by adhesive? I've read posts that it's reusable, does this imply it's not glued in? Thanks.

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Do you remove it from the inside or the outside? If this is something I can do at home, I have a pair of MJs waiting to have the sliding window moved from A to B, and vice versa. I even had a professional auto glass guy look at them, and he couldn't tell me how to do it.

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The rubber trim?? on the rear window, It's on the outside, just 'glued' to the sheet metal of the cab.


The window it's self, stock one piece or factory slider is set in Urethane. That's the hard part. You need some special tools to "cut" the bond.


Like this


Or this


And this is the best tool


The hot knife I'm thinking of getting, I have a MJ coming in that I'm stripping down, the body and frame is rotted out, and it has a new windshield that I would like to save :brows: If I get this, yea, I'll have tool loaner program ;) The hot knife works about 90% better than cutting the bond with a cable, plus you can use it to clean up the old sealant.


The last one piece rear glass I cut out with a cable, I was 1/2 way thru with it, and well, lets just say, I was picking up 2 million little chunks of glass :cry:


Tempered glass kind of dose that :oops:


With the slider's, I have seen some after market's use a Gasket

and those are easy to remove, just "peel" the gasket out of the opening, from the inside. Plus the slider has a frame around it, which makes removal much easier.

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Just got it out. There was no adhesive on the gasket (rubber trim). There is a groove that the glass sits in and the rest is pressed between the glass and the body. Should be fun putting it back in. Appreciate all the help.


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