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Compression in the cooling

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Would like some idea's on how to test for Compression gases in the cooling system and to determine where it could be coming from, cracked head or head gasket or ? I used a napa kit and the liquid turned from blue to yellow. I have to deal with a wrecking yard that I bought the engine from on my conversion to a 3.4L and want to sound some what intelligent because I have a 90 day warranty. The water is being pushed out into the overflow with an 18 lb cap and moisture out the exhaust pipe

Any help or ideas would sure be apprecited, Thnx

R/ :bowdown:

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He!! your retired from the Marines,, Just go in there and tell them if they don't make it right you call in fire on their @$$es.... :brows: :D

Take it to a shop and have a leak down test done,, then have the mechanic call the yard and tell them..

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what kind of moisture? black, or white? moisture in general is acceptable...i put out ALOT of moisture with my truck. the emissions station will only put my truck on the rollers for around half a minute before they pass it out since it's sooo far below 1986 emission standards (haven't declared that it has a new motor, and don't intend to)...most of my exhaust IS water vapor, as it should be.


as stated, have a leak-down test done.

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