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Rollover pics WANTED


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Looking for pics of Comanches that went all the way over (no side flops, watson). If it has the factory roll bar, even better. Would also like to see pics of rolled Comanches without doors too.


My Comanche has the factory roll bar in the bed, it has braces that go to the frame under the bed too, so my question is


Would it help me in a rollover?


And do the doors help in a rollover? (besides the obvious keeping us inside)






Or should this be on another area?



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I guess the factory bar is slightly more functional than an aftermarket because of that little bracket, but please do NOT trust your life to it. They are more for "show" than anything else.




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Is this question due to the new rules that MIOBI has.


Partially, but I would like to live the same life I have after I roll my Jeep. I an always build another Jeep.


those pics help, thank you



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