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I was a heavy equipment operator for years. This is the very best find. No title, don't care. Drop a gear n disappear... . Kind of a basket case but 3rd through 6th on highway is great.  Named it jolene (Dolly Parton) i been 140 on her.... Pics start from yhe day i found her in an impound garage i was about to tear down. It's an 01 suzuki gsxr 600.  It was laid down on 1 side n sat for there for 10 years. I had it running in 2 weeks. Then lil by little taught myself how to fiberglass. For my 1st time really not that bad... Anyway after i i ride it around the hood for a while. I got new tires, grips, and some flashy spiked screws (witch i use on my Comanche too) 

. Its missing 2nd gear, fork seals leak, and rear brakes are well, they don't do crap llol. I have a spare motor to pull the trans from but life is in the way atm. Turns out they have a cult following from 01-03 something about superman injection i. Supposedly it learns on its own. Add nitrous,  turbo,  n it makes up for timing,  fuel (to extent) wish my Comanche would self learn how to fix its own rust..... Anyway  sorry  about the  ramble,. Just laying here bored n figured id share with y'all.  Hope you enjoyed my story.
















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Quite the transformation cosmetically, Good job. Good luck with the Transmission rebuild.

It’s amazing what gets left behind. 

Have no idea about the laws in your state but you should be able to get a title some how?  
Ironically I was a motorcycle mechanic, Tow truck driver and now an equipment operator. Keep the updates coming! 

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