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Mercedes OM606 TD Swap

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As a disclaimer I won’t actually be building and swapping the engine for a few years, I’ll be daily driving the car in the meantime however. I just wasnt gonna start the thread until I actually started building the engine, but after driving 9 hours home with no issues, the next day it started dying when hot and not starting until it was cooled down. I’ve already changed a few things but It has me puzzled. 

Does anyone happen to have any knowledge on these? If so I’ll give way more details as to what’s happening and what all I’ve done so far. 0C2B534B-72F1-4990-8C82-D4D72EC5C30A.jpeg.773d2c470f8139cd278e28fee8c35962.jpeg

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Actually I think I know the issue now lol. But yea I was getting annoyed and thought maybe someone on here could happen to know.


But when I have the time and money, I'll be swapping a mechanical injection pump on, and building it for 300 hp. Then unless someone knows of a good manual trans and transfercase I could fit into my MJ, which will bolt up to an OM606 or has an existing adapter plate kit, then I'll get an adapter kit for my AX15 and see how well it holds up to it lol

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