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86 2.8L and etc value? Scrap it or hold out

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So I'll be picking up an 86 XJ this weekend. 


My intention with this one is to 95OBD1/96OBD2 swap it, now I'm not looking for any advice in that dept as I've done this swap before and I'm very well aware of the various body differences and other challenges that come with this endeavor.


The thing I'm unsure of is weather or not the engine and Trans are worth selling or not. In the past I've defaulted to removing these old drivetrains as a whole and scrapping it nearly immediately! I'm not a huge fan of the 2.8L at all so I don't care to put any time into making it run. However this 86XJ only has 85k original miles and though it's been sitting for 6+years I'm struck with curiosity if it holds more value than scrap weight for those purists out there. Or even any other part of this jeeps original engine bay, harness or trans/tcase for that matter. Things have absolutely changed in the last 10+ years since I did this last.


Soo if you have any suggestions on desirable parts that are key to this 86 feel free to let me know. In no way am I seeking top dollar hoarder pricing on anything; more soo pricing that's worth saving parts from the trash or scrap bin.



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Not sure, good question, even though the 2.8L is absurdly under powered, it's actually growing on me some as I adjust my shift points through the gears.

Value....It is after all the first year, I think originality might hold some value and increase over time, but unless it's pristine original, low mileage, I don't think it will affect the value of your vehicle, but I wouldn't scrap the 2.8 or harness etc, I'd donate it to an enthusiast who may have had to buy a needy truck due to only affording a repairable one. Post the parts in the forum classified so 86 owners may have a chance for the stuff you don't want. Myself, I don't plan on keeping the 2.8L forever, and plan on transplanting a V6 like maybe Buick 3.8L super charged motor eventually. I'll most likely do the same with my components/motor, I'm sure there's someone who will want/benefit from it.

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1 hour ago, eaglescout526 said:

If it’s a manual trans, the trans has value not to mention its an external slave which is a nice upgrade for AX5/4 owners for the 87-94 years. 


This one has an automatic. 


1 hour ago, Armyvet25 said:

 I'm sure there's someone who will want/benefit from it.

This is my thoughts but with just about anything, actions speak louder than words and I'm sure there are those out there that might advocate saving some things but unless someone is willing to go out of their own way for it then in my opinion the value really isn't there.

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Grand Rapids MI area. This being a potential project that won't exactly have a great resale value once it's done, given the amount of work going into it, it's pretty safe to say if it's metal it's gonna be scrapped vs given away. Something in return $ wise towards this project is better than nothing.

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