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old sneezy gets a make over

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I am almost finished pulling the interior out to weld in floor pans ,its a little rougher than anticipated. Before and after shots of the tank .I used a wire wheel , elbow grease, 40 grit sand paper, p b and acetone. The primer is Home Depot farm and implement $24 a qt. and top coat is Rustoleum flat black oil base also from depot .I applied with a small hot dog roller. 

Pics of the floor.



image.jpeg.51fbd6c2c9414ebc69f62df54de228dd.jpegimage.jpeg.03a0ad4d70f3a46ec38e2ad2f4962933.jpegimage.jpeg.8815f6cd55fc2419d446597e0b70b8c8.jpeg but not bad overallimage.jpeg.9401d4ae00117b80290f6653feb58f83.jpeg

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at this point I more or less suggest that everyone just replace the windshield.  should be under 300 for glass/labor and gives a brand new clear view out the front. :D  plus addresses the occasional leak. 

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I hear that,Florida truck so it has corrosion on both sides of  windshield frame in and out.New heater core while interior is out(never seen one last 37 years).Thank you for your helping ,I am more of a fabricator than mechanic and need some  guidance.Most of my experience is with cj-5 s and 7s and a Comanche is not a  cj. My first jeep  was bought 1987( when I was young and was a 72, cj-5, 304 v-8, 3spd  .I am really happy to have found like mine people  to help me with a long time dream .I have wanted a Comanche since H.S. 86-87





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