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Another successful 900 mile camping trip in the Comanche.


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Well, we had a pretty successful 900 mile trip in the Comanche to test out the new transmission, external slave conversion and other mods. We went and camped near Bend OR over new years with Primal Outdoors, (large YouTube channel with a sweet E-250 4x4 van) and other friends. The only real issue was that the new windshield we had installed 4 months ago leaks. 🙄




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On 1/9/2023 at 10:57 AM, Manche757 said:

Incredibly beautiful winter trip.  Well made video.  What did the night time temperature get down to?


Say a few words about the heater, please.

The heater is just a VELVOR unit from Amazon. I think it was about $130, but their are many different brands out there. They have a fan that blows over the fins from the combustion chamber, so you get hot dry air free of fumes. I would highly recommend a C02 alarm just in case of a malfunction.  One more thing that I have learned. Mine is a 5kw unit, often it's too hot even on low and you must open (sometimes fully) a window. If you can find a true 2 kw, (It's tricky because some manufacturers list a detuned 5 kW as a 2), they are better suited to a very small area. Its better for the heaters to be run at a higher setting to avoid carbon build up. Sometimes we just run it before bed or in the AM to dry out condensation.  As far as batteries, we rarely stay in one spot more than one night. The GP31 deep cycle mounted in the bed to run the fridge works fine. If we are running the heater, the fridge probably isn't running much. If we are staying somewhere multiple days I'll throw the two 6v golf cart batteries from my boat in the bed. On the last trip, they were still at 70% after two and a half nights of running the heater.


I believe it got down to about 25 degrees the last night we were there. It was supposed to drop to 15  on New Years Eve. That's why we left a day early.


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On 1/9/2023 at 5:58 PM, Eagle said:

You guys do spectacular videos. Well done. And it's wonderful to see such a well set-up Comanche out doing what Comanches should be out doing.


Appreciate it, thanks for watching!

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