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Replacement Speedo Cable for Cruise Comanches

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Hey everyone, I’ve been looking for replacement part numbers for both the upper and lower speedometer cables for a 87 4.0 5 speed 4wd with cruise control. All the previous posts I can find nobody seems to have cruise. I can’t find the upper cable online and rock auto has listings for the lower ones but the 96” ones don’t look like they’d screw onto the speed sensor and the 38” one seems a bit short of 96” total seeing as the upper cable is only like a foot long. Thanks for the help, Andre

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The 96” ones are fine and will work. I make the kits and I used to buy the ones from crown with no issues at all as they worked on either drive set up. The adaptor is most likely NLA anywhere, that being said, what is wrong with yours? Usually those don’t fail and almost never need replacing. 


I’ll get a part number here soon for the cable to reference. 

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3 minutes ago, eaglescout526 said:




Looks like crown still makes both. Just give the part numbers a Google search and you’ll find a vendor. 

Oh ok awesome, unfortunately someone hacked the end of the upper cable when they took the dash out I’d imagine 

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