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Locking Window Gasket for Century Shell Topper

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Random long-shot here, but I've got an original 20th Century topper that I'm working on restoring and updating. The rear molded acrylic windows use a locking window gasket. The trouble I'm running into is that Trim-Lok (company that corners this market) doesn't sell the size needed. They sell for 1/4" Glass. The correct size for this topper is 1/8" Glass, 1/8" Edge.


Has anyone substituted this locking gasket for something else? Or do you have a lead on the correct size? 


If not, I'm going to buy the 1/4" glass size and probably add some RTV as filler.

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15 hours ago, Tex06 said:

You're not talking about the two vertical windows are you? 


Yes, I noticed you taped yours, but I am also insulating so I wanted them removed to make it cleaner inside. So they need to be replaced.


On 6/5/2022 at 6:01 AM, Limeyjeeper said:

Try Steele products. They have a lot of different seal and gasket patterns. They might have one that is close.


Thanks. They have the same as Trim-Lok. Bummer, but I can always do a light silicone bead on the outside to help seal that gap.

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