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I just picked up a second MJ last night and plan to do a full interior swap because it’s that’s full black interior with rare MJ specific black leather buckets.  I’m going to shoot video of it for YouTube and make it so I can watch myself disassemble when it comes time for reassembly.  I’ll snap lots of still pics and can post them up here as well.


I plan on getting started in the next 24 to 48 hours because I want to get the parts I need off this second MJ and need it gone.  I don’t want to have so much overhead in parts i don’t need or worry about where I’m going to store the whole Jeep as I live in a subdivision and parking space for all my normal cars much less my projects is in short supply.  Not only that but we’ll be moving hopefully in about a year.  Today’s project, get it off the trailer and move all the cars around so I can begin working on it.


On that note we’re planning a move to Australia as soon as our visas are approved.  I need to arrange shipping for my MJ to take it with me.  I’ve been in contact with a guy that’s imported Jeeps to NSW from America but the shipping company that he used for all 3 Jeeps has folded.  What company did you use and would you use them again?



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Where are you in the states as that have effect your shipping company. Are you going bring the cars in as a returning personal import just be careful of rules of registration in nsw and import approval rules of the federal government.

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I’m in Georgia, but until I sell what is essentially for you guys is a D40 Navara I still have the ability to trailer  my MJ to any port.  If my Jeep is where I want it to be when it ships, I can drive it there even if it’s a distance.  I know it will most likely be cheaper going out of the west coast.  I still have to look at cost difference of using an East coast port vs the fuel to drive across the country.


 I’ve already learned all Kinds of stuff.  I’m aware of pre approval from the Aus govt before you even start.  I’m aware of the asbestos certs before you even leave the country and all the rules and fees about them having to wash the vehicle in quarantine.


 I’m also aware about once it gets cleared at the port it will need to be trailered to a mechanic where they will inspect it for a red or blue slip.  And then I can take my slip to Transport NSW for “rego.”

I just haven’t decided on who I want to hire to actually put the Jeep on the ocean.  I know there can be SO MANY hang ups at this point with the port on either side.  I know the right shipping agent can make it break this experience and word of mouth is prolly the best way to find the right agent.

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@Aussiemj I don't have the dash out yet, I'm doing the seats and carpet first, but here's a pic of the fusebox under the dash.  I took this pic to show a friend the rust hiding under the dash but it will give the fuse box orientation. (Trust me!  This isn't the one I'm taking with me!)







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