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Jeep Comanche production numbers

Pete M

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anyone got any new ideas or contacts at Jeep to track down any new data, or at least to confirm any of the numbers we've got already? 




cannot find where these numbers are originally from.

listed by calendar year:


1985: 29,245

1986: 33,386

1987: 43,070

1988: 43,718

1989: 25,311

1990: 9,576

1991: 5,188

1992: 952


total: 190,446




these numbers I believe are from the Standard Catalog of American Light Duty Trucks?

by model year:


1986: 45,219

1987: 28,417

1988: 46,389

1989: 28,891

1990: 10,804 (38.7% 4x4's)

1991: 7,009 (36.7% 4x4's)

1992: 2,970 (41.9% 4x4's)


total: 169,699





(because why should those totals match and make our lives easier.  :rolleyes:)


and I have a copy of 1993's "Standard Catalog of 4x4s" which weirdly enough lists calendar year totals (skipping 1985 production entirely for some reason so the total is way off) but then lists 1992 as the model year and has the number 3142.


I ordered a copy of the Standard Catalog of Jeeps to see what sort of craziness is inside it.  :dunno:

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