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97 Brake peddle assembly

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I don't think so, not without modification. 97 started the new style dash, and the pedal assemblies, IIRC are a bit different in how the tops are.


What is the difference in the assemblies?????


Don't know the difference, but they carry different part numbers. I do know though that the 95-96 master/booster is a pure bolt in (except for fabbing new mc brake lines), and you can retain your 91 pedal with no mods. Maybe the 97 assembly is the same, should be easy enough to eyeball it?

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If I remember correctly, the 97+ mounts to a higher point. I should know this, because I installed all that stuff in my MJ already, but It's been a while, and I'm in florida for the weekend.


If there isnt a definite answer by the time I get back home, I'll take a look under my ash, and compare to my spare pedal set...

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