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First Vehicle/Truck fix

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So.  We bought 91 comanche August 14th.  During the test drive we noticed that it heated up if sitting still.  The floor pans need some love.  We paid 3,500 for it.

Since Trailering it home we have replaced the water pump, fan clutch, Idler pulley, radiator, Power steering pump and box, windshield wiper motor, alternator, cap, rotor, plugs, wires, coil ,injectors,  pulled the valve cover and replaced the seal.  Replaced all fluids,  output seals on the transfer case.  installed a dual steering dampner that was given to us

Opened the doors replaced the window cranks, cleaned and por 15d the inside bottom of the doors and dynamatted.  Replace the door seal on the driver side.  Picked up seats from the junkyard from a 01 durango.  


When we replaced the seal on the valve cover found out the P.O. must of used penzoil and didnt keep up with maintence, and their was crusted oil caked on the inside...  had to pry it off and break out the old crusty oil.  So we did the oil change and added seafoam to the oil and have changed the oil every time it starts to get dirty.  The cap and rotor and spark plugs were wrong.  the cap was so worn out that the carbon button was worn out and the rotor had eaten into it. 


Need to do

replace floor pans

pull the fuse block/clean and reseal install

change the transfer case gear to match speedometer to tires/gears

change lower control arm bushings

Wiring clean, ground clean and upgrade

upgrade to a wj master and booster.   A previous owner had installed axles from and cherokee so 4 wheel disc brakes.


I guess there is more i will need to do just can't think at the moment.  

I have enjoyed reading about all of the different projects.  

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