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c101 question

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I've read all the tips from cruizer and finally got some time to remove the c101 connector. I watched the youtube and was confident i connected all the matching wires to each other. One question I have though (and maybe it's a dumb question apologies in advance) but the wires that did not have a match on the other side of the connector - what do i do with those? 


Currently i have left the three or four wires unconnected to anything and taped over them so they're not potentially going to ground or anything. The truck was running good before and I don't really notice any changes, but i did notice my oil pressure guage is now broken. Could be maybe I messed something else up along the way? I'm wondering if the wires without a match on the other side were going to ground through that connector? 


Any insight or wisdom is appreciated. Thanks in advance. 

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Ok good to know i'll try to see if maybe when I was wrapping stuff in conduit maybe i bumped something else. To date i've been pretty blessed without any major wiring gremlins.


Any idea what to do with the wires that don't have a connection on the other side of the c101? LIke i mentioned for now i just terminate them but not to ground. 

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