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Not starting issues

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So when I bought my 87 4.0 auto 4x4 we had to use starter fluid to start it. It actually ran pretty good on the drive home. Since then I have not been able to get it to start again. I have done all cruisers ground tips and a few others (cleaning electrical connections) still no joy. Turns over really good, tries to start with starter fluid or gas added to throttle body, but no luck. I’ve changed out all the plugs, new fuel pump along with filter and cleaned the throttle body really well. I also made sure all the vacuum lines are connected, but of course some are brittle. I have a new set just haven’t had a chance to replace them yet. Anyone have any suggestions or tricks up their sleeves. 

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Using a voltmeter or 12vdc testlight (preferred) check for B+ on the following pins (use battery negative terminal for ground):
D1_5:  B+ (Hot at all times)
D2_4:  B+ (Hot during KEY ON/CRANKING).
D1_6:  KEY ON (B+ (Hot for 2-3 seconds)) or CRANKING (B+ (Hot during CRANK)).



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