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Reamer tool/pitman arm

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In my ignorance I didn't grab the pitman arm off the XJ I sourced my front end from. I now have one ton steering with heim joints which have bigger bolts. Now I need one of two things a reamer or to buy a pitman arm that has already been reamed.  The tool is about $70 bucks and so is the new pitman arm. Perks to both options. 


But I do like to save money when I can so if anyone has an extra pitman arm and a reamer they wanna ream for me or a reamed pitman arm they wanna sell let me know. 


I also need a one ton steering stabilizer bracket. If anyone makes them or has one they wanna part with let me know. They are $25 on StinkyFab. I'd rather give my business to a member than elsewhere. 

Reamer for GM 1 Ton TRE's

Pitman Arms Drilled for Heim Steering


SFR Steering Stabilizer Bracket

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