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3-link calculator


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I was using this calc:

http://mysite.verizon.net/triaged/files ... 0bBETA.zip

and I guess I'm doing something wrong.


These are the results I got:

Anti-Squat #DIV/0! %

Roll Axis Angle 4.97 degrees ( - roll understeer, + roll oversteer)

Roll Center Height 25.26 in

Instant Center X-Axis #DIV/0! in

Instant Center Z-Axis #DIV/0! in


I did a pretty simple 3-link

| ||


but maybe it doesn't work...


but neither did

| /|



| \|


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What type of three link is it for? I've never used it because I lack excel, only the 4-link one (on-line).


You'll need a panhard in there.



(Maybe this is obvious, okay, it probably is, I've never used that oen so I don't know).



Wait, the --- is the panhard, no...



Sounds more like you have either transposed digits, or have a compatibility problem with excel.

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If the upper link is less than about 2/3 the length of the lowers, typically the AS will be whack. Along with the roll axis. Not to mention the pinion going all over the place (and hence your driveshaft).


With a panhard, no triangulation is necessary. However, it is good if you can as it helps with the roll axis.



Is this front or rear? I kinda skimmed through your thread, but didn't really read it (sorry, was getting to it).

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Was thinking of:


30" long

21" from center of axle (Same as stock leaf perches)

3.5" forward from center of tube (looking sideways at the truck)




30" long

17" from center

7.5" above center

straight-forward or closer to the pumpkin going towards the frame



3-4" of height change.

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I don't know how well it will work. The calculator removes the doubt on things like that.


But, just looking at it, it should work fine. Or at least acceptable. The 3-link/panhard setup has a few problems in the rear, mostly to do with flex steer.



With a panhard, you want it as high as possibly to make the roll axis high (more stability).

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