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2x4 to 4x4 conversion

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get a cherokee that's 4 wheel drive for cheap. make sure it's the same 5 speed trans and same engine, similar year. then you just swap in the tranny with transfer case, front axle plus driveshaft, shifter linkages, and you have your rear driveshaft shortened.


no, you can't mount a transfer case to your 2wd trans. the output shaft is different.


your 5 speed is a peugot f speed trans just so you know. Ba10/5

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If you have the 4.0 litre (6cyl) I have almost everything you need for the swap. I scrapped an 88 4.0 4x4 5 speed Cherokee last year and I have the front Axle, 4wd 5 speed transmission with Transfer case. All you'd need is the driveshafts and to hook up the vacuum system for the axle. Or bypass it. And if you're near the twin cities, I'll be coming up there from WI over thanksgiving, we could meet up and I could deliver. Lemme know how much you have to spend.

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Well, if I took this route instead of my regular one, I could just prolly drop them off at your place.



$150 for the axle, trans and 4wd shift linkages sound good?


The truck did shake when I junked it, although I never tracked down the source. And the trans worked good, although once in awhile it would pop out of 1st if you didn't hold it in. So no big deal on that. T-case worked perfectly.


207k on all of it.

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