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headin to tellico, nc

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like the title says, this weekend, sunday-tuesday my brother and i are gonna be at tellico, nc wheelin some stocker trails in the manche and then hopefully rashin the XJ up on some of the tougher trails.


if anyone's gonna be in the area and wants to meet up and wheel PM me an i'll give ya my cell #


stock MJ

XJ 6.5" short-arms, 35" bfg MT, arb/det lockers, super30/44 hacked top, custom rustoleum paint job ;)


i'm so excited, we havent been in 2 years, last time we went the XJ was stock :eek:

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some pics from our last trip! i can't wait.


random dude in the rock-garden

the xj

the group

one of the group guys at crawford's rock-pile

more random rigs at the rock-garden (lower-2)

the XJ again



we should get some better shots this time, some with manches, and the XJ wheelin some hardcore stuff. jamminz.gif

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N it isnt shut down.. an environetal group is trying to shut it down, cause of something to do with run off water, and fish :nuts: .. I can't wait till I make it back to Tellico... I haven't been in 2 yrs :cry: Last time I went, I had a great time.. Bent a d35 axle(didnt break any shafts) Broke a Lock right, and a drivers side axle shaft, fried my alternator.. then drove 450 miles on a yellow top optima jamminz.gif That was a good trip :nuts:

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well, just got back... for those that know tellico (and our jeeps) the XJ made it up gaurdrail, and upper 2, then we ran out of fuel (due to tipping up to about 60* on helicopter-pad, and had to siphon some from another rig to get running) made it up in the end though, uh, what else, all of trails 11, 4, 5, and 1 was pretty fun (dirtroad)


manche was acting good, no breakages (even though our other buddy was running an open F&r XJ with a d35 on 33's (he made upper2 but bypassed the heli pad and gaurdrail) everyone was able to make the trip home under their own power, kicked @$$ basically


pics/vid tomorrow (yeah, vids of near flips jamminz.gifjamminz.gif )

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