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brake booster

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i answered a ? in the past about hydroboosters. here is a couple of pics of minehttp://284344078.jpg :D


here are two pics of it installed. i had to have lines made, along with some new tubing. should of made the lines longer so i could move them even more than i did. one pic shows the filter. you can just see the line running from the cooler in front of the rad. according to cary, the guy who makes my setup, and many other ones, only the 2500 works. aerostar doesn't. the problem is matching the demands of the system with the jeep power steering pump. the 2500 fits the bill. cost for the 2500 ranges from $40.00 to $100.00. depends on your jy.

hope this helps. he told me be careful when applying the brakes. man he wasn't kidding. with 33's it stops like my old race car. :chillin:

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