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Where to Mount Air Tank at??

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Hey Gang,

I'm looking to put an Air Tank & Compressor on my ride.

Trying to figure out where to put it.

Have a basic Stock MJ, Carry the Spare underneath.

Was thinking of a Thinner Tank, on the Passenger side, above the Exhaust, tucked into the frame, close as I can.

Just wanted to know, where others have theirs.


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12 hours ago, GrizzzzBear said:

True, I have a Cap and use the bed for all kinds of stuff. 

Lights are mounted on Ceiling and under Bed Rails, for night use.

Plus, I use the full bed when we go Camping.

My Comanche.jpg



Just a thought -- but if you have a stock MJ on tires 33" or less -- do you really need an onboard air tank?


As an alternative, I can highly recommend the Viar 88p, portable 12V compressor.  It has no problem airing up my 32's from ~17psi  back to street pressure.  It won't even bat an eye at those tires you're running, and it fits in that canvas bag you see tucked behind the driver's seat:




The other thing to notice about this pic would be the 4.5lb fire extinguisher mounted to the bulkhead. I suppose if you insist on installing an air tank you could mount it similarly. 

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