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sending unit

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does anyone know where i can find a new sending unit for my truck its got the 6 foot box. alot of stores list a part number for one made by airtex but i bought one and it didnt fit the float and strainer are on the right side and need to be on the left. any ideas?

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The sending unit don't exist, what the parts store are selling you is for a XJ, and totally diffrent, Rear tank vs. mid mount tank. The sending units are set up for both the 18 gallon tank (swb) and the 22 gallon tank (lwb) eather one will work, the only diffrence is the pump, eather for a 4.0 or 2.5 engine.


I have one person instrested in a sending unit I have, but I could have another one, if I pull it from the tank. I have to hear from the first person that has dibs on the extra unit I have frist, if no responce, I'll let you know.


Unless some one else on there has one for you.

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