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Adding AC to your 2.5Litre(Renix)

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So. You want to add AC to an engine that is a raft in an ocean of 4.0's. Good on you. Found the parts? Lucky you.


First you will need these parts:



AC control deck w/ wiring harness(84-86 have a different style connector that plugs into the dash harness than the 87-90 harness. Getting the years the same is important here.) and vacuum harness, engine side wiring harness, condenser, compressor(make sure the pulley lines up and the wiring is right!), lines, alt/compressor mounting bracket(four metal pieces), new alt pulley(less that small gap), dryer and low pressure switch, R134A retrofit, serp/drive belt, coolant hoses, air box w/core, expansion valve(R134A kit), O-ring hose kit for R134a, time, patience and money.(This whole addon cost me the same amount as it did to buy the kit in 1988) Optional: Factory radiator and refresh of coolant.


Once your pieces have been gathered you are ready! I could go into detail on tearing out your dash, but there is plenty of info on how to remove it. Just be aware of those pesky defrost vent screws(be prepared to spend some time on those).

Defrost vent screw:(I did a rant on this)



This is important, Renix guys, if you grab a 91+ box, you will need to modify it to accept the old style thermistor switch and will need to route the probe to the core. Feel free to use the old core.



Engine side:(unplug the power!!)


On the drivers side by the coolant reservoir or washer bottle will be this plug:

IMG_6562.JPG.6bd6a19d663392c31339ff3aff8fb953.JPGThis plug will be plugged off by a cap. Remove it to gain access to the harness.


Your new relay and compressor harness should plug in like so:



I mounted my relay by the air box/rad support like so


(NOS dealer installed AC harness. These harnesses are too short to go across the engine bay to seat in the relay center, feel free to put it where ever)


Brackets. Brackets will mount in old location like so:(You can reuse some bolts but not all. The back needs a long bolt and a washer to space the bracket, at least that's what I had to do. Parts diagram isn't clear on that.)Note; you will have to remove the compressor to check spark plug one, do any thing there first if you need to.



Once that is set up you can then proceed to installing the compressor and alt. If you go reman for the compressor, be aware that you may have to splice in the clutch wiring to the harness. I recommend grabbing the old compressor if you can.

At some point you will want to have your radiator pulled to attach the condenser to.(do not attach dryer!)

You should then hit this point in your install:(pretty)



Hopefully you have finished everything on the dash side at this point to have vacuum lines routed and are ready to route some hoses. Make sure you have replaced all the O-rings on your hoses with the R134a O-rings or at the very least replaced 30 year old O-rings(need to be AC approved).


Now you can do two things here. One route your small constricting hose like such:


Pass side of the rad and condenser is where this hose routes.(at least I found this to be the best work around for lack of stock images) This hose goes up and over to the top of the condenser but under the rad support and connects to the top of the dryer. Then it does down and clear of the belt up to the expansion valve


Or you can pull a me and install the rad and condenser to set up all your other hoses like so:(by this point I was complete)



Once you get this all set up and ready, this is where you will attach the dryer to the condenser and thread it into its appropriate hose on the condenser itself. Remove your grill and you will have all the free room to work at that level to install the dryer. Make sure you have installed the low pressure switch onto the dryer.


Once that is done and your hoses are routed(Condenser to discharge(labeled on the compressor) and expansion valve to suction) and installed like such above, you are ready to wrap this project up! Took me a day to do. You will not be able to test it until the system is charged. With new hose and belt routing, make sure the belt is very tight(if it is loose it will make a pigs squeal seem calming) and that nothing will be in the way for the belt to destroy or itself on. 

Pass basic engine test with no leaks or hiccups move on to get it charged.


Once you are ready to charge it, make sure all your connections are good and tight and have the system vac tested at your local dealer or a TRUSTED, lot of emphasis on trusted, AC shop. Make sure your compressor is filled with the required oil and proper amount and tell who ever does your charge to fill it with 2lbs of R134a.(Currently running such and is doing fine) Side note; if you go to a dealer, ask about Arctic Blast if they have it. It is supposed to help the system run colder. Its like an oil based substance.


If I am forgetting something, which I am sure, let me know!

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