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more wisconsin craziness


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why on EARTH would you do that and still KEEP the 2.8 v6?!?!?!??!?!


what a douche...


got skills on the build, but no knowledge of engine performance whatsoever...and I bet the top leaks like a siv.


no doubt, that thing must be a pig.


it needs a 350, and two driving axles in the rear to be any fun.


4 wheel burnouts are cool.

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I kinda like it :oops: I was into lowriders back in the day. I hate to tell him that top is going to leak if it all ready doesn't. I had one on my s-10 :roll: The 2.8 is an OKengine if it is the later FI version. I had one, and it lasted 240000 before the guy I sold it to took it off the orad cause the steering needed more work then it was worth.


The early 2.8's were plagued with all kinda problems,from vacum leaks to rear seals. The later ones are known for blowing head gaskets.

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