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AMC 20

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What's it out of?



CJ ones are crap. Unless toy want to change the axleshafts right away.



The MJ/SJ ones are decent. The ring/pinion is strong. The stock carrier is alright. The stock axleshafts are pretty good too (D44 sized). But the axle tubes are weak and need to be trussed for hard use. At least weld them to the housing (like on an 8.8 ). There's a decent aftermarket for them too.

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Find out what it out of, if its from Comanche its a great axel and the tubes don't bend easy like some would like you to think ,all the trash talk is based on the old CJ axels. :roll:

The AMC 20 that came in the Comanche is a much stonger unit with the heavy tubes ect...

If its out of a FSJ it will be the same HD unit that the Comanche used but the width will be diffrent.


The only "real" drawback is you don't have an easy cheap source for aftermarket axel shafts like the more popular units..but you can get stock units from the salvage yard. and unless your running tires larger than 35" and locked you will most likely never break one

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