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Flaring tubing

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if it's pushing through the bar you're not tightening it properly.


You need to tighten the nut that's closest to the tube first. Then wen you tighten the far nut it gives you leverage to really clamp the tube in there.


Thats the way i did it and i tightend the wing nuts all the way down. It's tight i don't know why it keeps pushing it through but it takes all the metal that its griping right off the tube with it. :dunno:

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is the line stainless ? caus if it is u need a special flair tool



Now this explains a lot. I cut the factory rear brake hard line tonite on the MJ & had the same problem with it pushing through. I about stripped the bolts using a screwdriver to crank the wing nuts down tighter. Finally got it to hold & MAN that was tough tubing to flair. I assume it's stainless? Never gave it a thought. I sure hope it doesn't leak. I don't want to do that again.

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