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Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route- Pic heavy

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Me and some buddies did this trip over the course of several years. It runs from Northern Cali to Southern Washington through Eastern Oregon. Mostly gravel roads, some old dirt roads but all beautiful scenery. More info here http://oohva.org/

This is from our trip in 05. We started outside of Seneca and ended up north a few hundred miles in 3 days.


I will be uploading the various pics I have from the years of doing the trail. Hope you enjoy the pics


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these posts are in no particular order of the trail. this is the last section we ran that ends in Walla Walla, Wa. This was in Sept of 05

An old dredger in Sumpter, Or. Pretty neat old town.

A very rare OBCDR marker. If you don't have a GPS and the coordinates, you will not make it.

Looking over the Grande Ronde Valley near La Grande, Or


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well in may of 06 we ran the last section for us which is actually the first section of the trail in cali. by this time i had sold my zj and was borrowing my dads tj. we ended up getting stopped by snow at the first section of trail and then later we actually had to stop following the trail and backtrack to the highway due to fallen trees from the winters storms. pretty frustrating. anyway, here are some more pics

an omen of weather to come???

a cool looking lake we saw


our campsite for the night. not too far from where we left the highway :cry:

what we woke up to in the morning. a crazy stormy, windy, cold night. great, more snow. man it is may already!

a preview of what is to come..

hours of this

more snow!

silver lake

that is all i can find now, i think the rest are burned on a cd somewhere.



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Home sweet home! I've been meaning to check out the OBCDR for years, just haven't been able to get it together yet. Great pics!

you should before someone decides to close the roads. we ran into quite a bit of closed roads and had to make our way around. don't wait, it is a rare opportunity we have with that route.


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