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Two BA 10/5 Jeep transmissions

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I have two BA 10/5 transmissions sitting in my garage I need to get rid of, one of them is an 88 BA10/5 out of a wrangler this one is flawless with only 68k on it, the other is out of an 88MJ, reverse seems to have dropped out and found its way into something jamming it, my plan was to swap parts around and make the wrangler transmission fit into my MJ but my plans have changed and I just need to get rid of them ASAP to pickup different transmission, I can meetup with you as long as it’s not hours away aswell they are located in gilroy California currently, I have everything you’ll need to install this trans crossmeber,pressureplate,TC, and driveshaft, shifter linkage.. etc I’m sure there if a few other parts I have laying around for it too just let me know :)

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