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Just A heads up to any one in the areas,


Chattanooga TN

there are two Comanches in the pull -a- Part both 88's, Silver one arrived 10/17/18  4 liter, gray interior, bench seat, maunal, SWB with silder. body is in okay shape.  Black one arrived 11/20/18  has slider, bucket seats, automatic, floor shift 4 liter, LWB, tailgate looks good, plastic bed liner. and 12 Cherokees for your swaping needs


Toledo Ohio

6193 hagman rd. 43612. Theres a 90 reddish looking short bed, 4 liter, tan interior bucket seats, center console, automatic on  the floor, front end looks good, tail gate is decent has slider window and a 10 spoke looking turbine wheels with jeep center caps. with a 98-00 cherokees for parts


Dayton Ohio, 4283 N. James H McGee Blvd, 45417

89 Gray, LWB, with topper, tailgate is nice, 4 liter, tail gate is in nice shape, very clean red interior bench seat column shift automatic has a slider back window


Denver Colorado, 6100 North federal Blvd. 80221

86 Red, LWB, 4banger, tailgate good condition slider window, red interior, maunal 


Holland Michigan, 11475 Chicago Dr

You guys are sitting on Cherokee swap over gold mine.  96-99 1 qty of each year, 2000 has 5 qty

Same with Edgewood Maryland 


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The one in Denver is getting ready to be crushed. someone got the tailgate, I then seen it on ebay. Taillights are gone. Bench seat and brackets were there the last time I was. I'm not sure if it's a location thing or corporate but it's 40% off till 1/1.

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Nice thanks for the update.. i have found from my experience with PAP that its still available until the picture is gone. Once the picture is deleted they crush it.

That is the most recent listing on Comanches i've found and i literally checked every store with PAP.

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