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2.5L stuff


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Just moved and I have a bunch of 2.5 stuff lying around, and rather than throw it away, I'd rather someone take it -- even for just the cost of shipping.

I have a couple new power steering pumps, one in the Chrysler box, and the other an AC delco.  I sold my 87 after 15 years of ownership because of a strange power steering issue that neither I nor 2 mechanics could resolve.  So these pumps were installed, and then taken back off.  

Also have most of a full gasket kit, a distributor, a bunch of sensors, dome lights that work but missing clips.  Two or three new Wix oil filters in the box (forget the number, but whatever fit a 1987 2.5L engine).


I can go through and get some pics, right now everything is upside down with moving.  If anyone has any interest, let me know and I will prioritize it.





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Hopefully will have some pics after the weekend, lots to sort through.  Yes, both are good pumps.  The pump(s) ended up not being my problem.  Never figured out what was, just sold the MJ after 13 years.  Frustrating.

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