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Ok i have a 87 swb mj that started life as a 2wd 4spd. Since then I have done a 4wd conversion, and now i am in the process of redoing my truck paint, interior, lift ect. Anyways.... I have spend countless hours looking for a loft that will work for my specific driving needs. I got down to 2 options both are from Rusty's Offroad, one is the 4.5" soa kit and the other is the 4.5" spring pack kit. My question is is there a benefit to one or the other i do all my own work and am a welder by trade so that is not an issue i just want to no if one is better for any reasons unseen (remember my truck was 2wd so it has the 2wd leafs which I've heard are lower setting then 4wd). Another thing id like to know is dose anyone on this site have either lift and do they have any feed back good or bad? Just my personal opinion i believe that the spring pack kit that stays SUA is what i want simply because u get new leaf springs for less than another $100. So if anyone has feed back about either kit good or bad and could let me know why one or the other, also if u have pictures of your mj with one of these lifts with tire size, that would b greatly appreciated! I just want a idea of what my truck will look like with the lift and tires 31"-33". Thanks in advanced for any help,info, and or pics! 


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