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My 91 Comanche Build!

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Well after years of searching a Comanche with everything I wanted was posted for sale.. She has her issues but I can look past them. For the year is the best condition Comanche I have seen on the west coast, rust and all, however very little body rust!


1991, HO, 290,000km, Ax15, 4x4. Factory dana44.


I just got her last week, she wasn't running but I knew of the small frame rust and various other issues but the price was right.


I got her running today, swapped out the CPS. I really wish they would have made this sensor easier to change, I've done a few and it's still a challenge. Unfortunately once she was running I could hear a misfire, opened airbox, lots of blowby. Checked compression, only 60PSI on cylinder 1. 


So this thread will unfortunately begin with a motor swap and some much needed maintenance but she will get a lift, 4.10 gearing, ford 8.8 lsd with discs, 33s and much more. Most of these parts will come off my 98 XJ including the motor!


The attached pictures are the day I purchased. Last picture is my XJ which will be a lot of donor parts. 






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Bit of an update. Engine is out of 98 XJ and out of Comanche. Took her out with transmission and TC out of XJ. Just swapping motor though on Comanche. Oddly enough never took a picture of the Comanche.


Now just do some seals and put her in the Comanche!



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