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Black bench seat and lap belts

13 Legion

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I have the lap belts out of an 87 for a bench seat. They are in decent to fair shape. One is missing the AMC cover. For that matter I also have an old bench seat( missing seat belt plastic inserts) It’s torn and covered with tape on the drivers seat side. The seat brackets are there attached as well. Not really looking to sell. I’m not going to ship!! Up for a trade of any sort that you feel is an even exchange. Would just like to help a fellow member out. I know  it says to post a price so $1.00. If you’re located close enough stop on by. Again I’m not going to ship a bench seat. I’m located in Dyer, In. NW corner of the state on Illinois border. It’s been sitting in the bed of my truck for 2 years now...hope I can help someone in need.image.jpg.6d5e1bd6c02f207b9d7d41e26187bd22.jpg829CC02F-6DC4-4A23-AE97-414D68B91162.jpeg.8e75c997e347cf2844fb10a048088b77.jpeg







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I still have the bench seat if someone’s in the area. I recently sold the lap belts. Like I said earlier willing to trade for something Comanche related. Located in Dyer, In. Northwest corner of the state on Illinois border.

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