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Newbie, just checking in for first time

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Live in southern CA. Have a 1986 Comanche 4x4 5 speed longbed. Have had it for 2 years. It has about 300K on the truck and is on the 2nd 2.8l V6. Recently my temperature gage has stopped working and is pegged all the way to the right or 3 oclock position. Can anyone direct me to what might be the malfunction and what coolant temperature sensor I would need for the V6 and where is the sensor located. Not much of a mechanic and would appreciate any assistance.

FYI, the truck is all original and takes me on 3-4 weekend 4x4 excursion in the mountains and desert without any major problems. Also, I pull a 4500 lb.(unloaded) 22' Hi-Lo trailer that has a Drawtite leveling system on it. However, my front end is very light feeling when running at 50-60 mph. Is there anything that I can modify to help out the light feeling steering. the truck has power steering that works ok.

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welcome... like he said, beers in the fridge. make yourself at home


I'm not real familiar with the v6 temp sensors or anything so i won't try to help you there


you're saying the steering is light with the trailer hitched up correct?

When it is hitched up with the Drawtite system the steering is very sensitive.

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Welcome! :chillin: I think you got the memo about the beer already. :cheers:


As far as the gauges go, consider yourself lucky that only your temp gauge is wack. ALL of mine are goofed. :roll:


What's the drawtite leveling system stuff about?


Do you have overload springs in the rear? Or just the stock set up? If you raised that @$$ end up (when unloaded) then theoretically it should level out when loaded up - which translate to better steering response. BTW you can go 50-60 in an MJ with a 22' trailer on the back?! I'm jelous.


I think Hellwing makes overload springs for jeeps? Never delt with them though.

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Smells like it's time for a V8 Swap :brows:


I totally agree, V8 would weigh more and therefore bring your front end down. Problem fixed!

ever compared a 350 to a 4-0.... the freakin thing is huge man. idk how much the both of them weigh but idk if a v8 weighs that much more.


now if we're talkin cummins or v8 powerstroke :brows:

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Before you go replacing sensors, be sure the problem is the sensor rather than the gauge. With the ignition on (engine doesn't need to be running, but it can be), remove the wire from the temp sensor. Look at the gauge. It should be pegged either to full hot or full cold (I don't recall which way it goes at the moment). Now jumper the wire directly to a good ground on the body or engine block. Look at the gauge again. It should have moved all the way to the opposite end of the scale. If it did not, either the gauge itself is bad or there's a break in the wire between the sender and the gauge.

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